How You Can Help “Make America Great Again”

how you can help america

Friends, let’s all get involved with “Making America Great Again!” If you or someone you know is in the market to buy or sell real estate in the next 30, 60, or 90 days then you need to be aware of the number of people you can help employ by simply employing ME! Give back to your community and help your neighbors get back to work by sharing this post with your friends and family no matter where they live in these beautiful United States!!  Here is a list of potential trades and professions that you will be helping….Lawn Services, Painting Contractors, Home Inspection Companies, Home Warranty Companies, Pool Cleaners, Carpet Cleaners, Insurance Companies, Real Estate Appraisal Companies, Professional Photographers, Title Insurance Companies, Residential Cleaning Companies, Real Estate Attorneys, Land Surveyors, Irrigation Companies, Fencing Companies, Pest Control Companies, Roofing Contractors, Electrical Contractors, Furniture Stores, Appliance Companies, Flooring Companies, Moving Companies, Storage Warehouse Companies, Banks, Mortgage Lenders, HVAC Companies,Engineering, septic, logging, trash, hauling, moving, storage, utilities, plumbing, carpentry, design services, to just name a few.
Please tell your Friends and Family to give me a call or text me at 253-778-9216 or shoot me an email at so that I can help them get started in their home buying process ASAP and beat the Multiple Offers of Summer and the increasing Rate Hikes! Early Birds get the Worm!